Europe seems to Fsjo!

The keys have not yet cooled after the publication of the "Kremlin report" of our "Western partners" as Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel carefully zamurchaled about the need to "open a dialogue" to be able to "manage differences". After him, the Chairman of the Eastern committee of German economy Wolfgang Bjuhele said that the Committee opposes new economic sanctions against Moscow. This, in his opinion, creates "unpredictable risks for the economy"! There will be a lot of clever arguments, believe me! It's only the first swallows! It is even difficult to imagine what could serve as the cause of such a sharp changing literally in the air! Could there be a European crisis with migrants? After all, unfortunate refugees need something to feed! Or is it an endless mess in Ukraine from which gas supplies to Europe become a… So to speak… Increasingly doubtful. Can be the construction of the northern stream-2 and this epic voznja around it causes a nervous tremor in the German production? Or still the main reason of sharp growth of intellectual abilities of the European politicians has become not less sharp their falling at politicians of the American? After all, "Akella" is not just misses! He is already worn behind his tail and bites his own hind paws!

Whether it will be still, old lady Europe! We know!.. All your history, you were ready for anything if you didn't beat your old skirts and broke the bed! The keys to the city on a soft pillow for everyone, just do not interfere to engage in the most loved-count Denyushku!