Ukrainian MPs do not get tired of annihilating!

And what else can they do, please tell me? Fresh for lovers chotamuhohlov:
“Kiev could prevent the reunification of Crimea with Russia, if the Ukrainian authorities in time oriented and found a responsible person.” admitted Sergei Sergey Kunitsyn on air “112 Ukraine”. And this, for a minute, the ex-president’s representative on the peninsula Crimea, and now the deputy of the Rada.

A reservation in the style of Freud, Seryozha! The key words here “if … found a responsible person”! “If only,” Sergei! But the problem is that you have not been able to find a responsible person there for 25 years, not just for making such decisions, but even for performing ordinary, current tasks! Where do not you spit in the Rada – then Parasyuk, then dobkany!

The fourth year went as the Crimea waved Ukraine a handkerchief and flunked to the “former”, but in Kiev all bugurat and can not calm down. You can understand – it’s hot and still. But the further, the more all statements from that side resemble the cries of a drunken thrown husband: starting from “here I’ll go to Europe myself back asking,” to “not so we shared old furniture!” And neither the cheerful reaction of the Crimeans to the next statement, nor the almost completed Crimean bridge, nor the restored energy and water supply of the Crimea is not a reason to put up with this topic. Not a month passes, so that the next speaker-head-in-Kiev does not wet another pearl.